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Informations on Barguna District
Location: Barguna District (Barisal division) a coastal district is surrounded on the north by Jhalokati,Barisal,Pirojpur and Patuakhgali districts, on the east by Patuakhali district, on the south by Patuakhali, the bay of bengal, on the west by pirojpur and bagerhat districts. 

area: 831.31 sq km

River: Noted rivers are Payra, bishkhali and Baleshwar. 

Temperature: average annual temperature: maximum 33.3?C and minimum 12.1?C; annual rainfall 2506 mm (1997).

Barguna Town: It consists of 9 wards and 18 mahallas with an area of 15.57 sq km. The town has a population of 26484; male 53.89%, female 46.11%. Barguna municipality was established in 1973. The literacy rate among the town people is 56.6%. The town has three dakbungalows. 

Parliamentary Seats:There are three Parliamentary Seats in Barguna. 

administration: Barguna thana was established at the end of the eighteenth century. It was elevated to a sub-division in 1969 and the sub-division was turned into a district in 1984. The district consists of 5 upazilas, 38 union parishads, 296 mouzas, 560 villages, 4 municipalities, 44 wards and 49 mahallas. 

Upazila:The upazilas are barguna sadar, amtali, patharghata, betagi, bamna.  

archaeological relics and monuments: Bibichini Mosque at Betagi and the Buddhist temple and Buddhist academy at Taltali. 

Marks of War of Liberation: Mass graves at two locations, one near the District Jail and the other near the Patharghata Launch Terminal. 

Population:  837955; male 49.88%, female 50.12%; Muslim 91.01%, Hindu 8.69%, Christian 0.04%, Buddhist 0.24% and others 0.02%. 

Religious institutions: Mosque 2168, temple 297, Buddhist pagoda 13, church 1and tomb 13.

Literacy: average literacy 40.14%; male 45.15%, female 35.05%. 

Educational institutions: College 13, secondary school 124, junior school 13, government primary school 397, non-government primary school 329, madrasa 246, vocational school 2, satellite school 2. 

Newspaper: Locally published newspapers and periodicals Dailies: Dainik Dipanchal and Dainik Saikat Sangbad, ajker Kantha; weeklies: Betagir Katha, Barguna, Barguna Kantha, Saikat Sangbad, Barguna Barta, Bhatiali and Payra Par.

Cultural organisations: Rural club 117, public library 6, theatre group 7, cultural associations 12, literary society 3, women's organisation 15, cinema hall 13. 

Main occupations: agriculture 50.53%, fishing 3.96%, agricultural labourer 15.27%, wage labourer 3.81%, commerce 10.01%, construction 1.29%, service 4.86%, others 10.27%. 

Land use: Cultivable land 150533.79 hectares, fallow land 4609.88 hectares; single crop 55.88%, double crop 37.18%, treble crop 6.94%.Land control among the peasants 31% are landless, 31% small, 32% medium and 6% rich. Value of land The market value of the first grade land is about Tk 6000 per 0.01 hectare. 

Crops: Main crops Paddy and pulse. Extinct and nearly extinct crops aush paddy and jute. Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, banana, papaya. Fisheries, dairies, poultries Fishery 89, dairy 27, poultry 213, hatchery 8.

Communication facilities: Roads pucca 149 km, semi pucca 96 km and mud road 2057 km; waterways 347 nautical miles. Traditional transport Palanquin (extinct) and country boat. 

Mill & Factory: Manufactories include rice mill, saw mill, soap factory, flour mill, ice factory, pen factory. 

Cottage industries: Weaving, bamboo and cane work, goldsmith, blacksmith, potteries, wood work, tailoring.

Hat & Bazar: Main hats, bazars and fairs Noted hats and bazars are Phuljhuri, Chandkhali, Kakchira, Charduani, Badnikhali, Bagi, amtali, Bamna, Babuganj, Patharghata, and Pachakoralia. 

Main exports:  Betel leaf, pulse, banana, betel nut, molasses, shrimp.

NGO activities: CaRE, BRaC, aSa, Grameen Bank, CBDP, Jagorani, CRaPDa, Sankalpa and Sangram.

Health centres:  General hospital 1, upazila health complex 4, union health and family welfare centre 29, maternity and child health care centre 1, satellite clinic 6, charitable health centre 4.