Alikadam Upazila (Bandarban district) with an area of 885.78 sq km, is surrounded by Lama upazila on the north, Arakan on the south, Thanchi upazila on the east and Naikhongchhari and Lama upazilas on the west. 

The Bakkhali, a downstream branch of Matamuhuri is the only river flowing across the area.

Alikadam (Town) consist of one mouza with an area of 23.32 sq km. The town has a population of 8326; male 59.44%, female 40.56%. The density of population is 357 per sq km. Literacy rate among the town people is 37.1%. 

Administration Alikadam thana was established in 1976 and was turned into upazila in 1883. It consists of 2 union parishads, 7 mouzas and 104 villages.

Historical events Large part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts including Alikadam and the adjacent territories had been under the Arakan rule since 9th century. There had been disruptions in the Arakani rule in Alikadam area in the 15th and 16th centuries when Sultan Jala Uddin of Bengal and Khoda Baksh dynasty could establish their temporary control over it. The Mughals conquered it in 1756 and with this the Arakani rule came to an end here. The last Asrakan ruler, Kong Hla Pru was forced to surrender and then allowed to quit the Hill Tracts along with the members with his family.

Population 24882; male 47.14%, female 52.86%; Muslim 49.96%, Buddhist 41%, Christian 4.88%, Hindu 3.43%, others 0.73%. 

Literacy and educational Institutions Average literacy 20.70%; male 29.6%, female 9.3%. 

Cultural organisations Press club 1, public library 1, cinema hall 1. Main occupations Agriculture 54.45%, agricultural labourer 19.7%, wage labourer 8.36%, commerce 6.49%, service 5.24%, others 5.76%.

Land use Hill terraces are used for jhum cultivation and fruit plantation. The government owns most part of the land. 

Tribal people of the district usually do not have documentary ownership of land. The Bomang Chief, however, exercises a system of leasing out land to the tribal people in order to conserve his dominance in the tribal power structure. 

Main crops Paddy, vegetables, cane, San (for hut roofs and mats), ginger, turmeric, sesame, cotton.

Main fruits Banana, papaya. Cottage Industries Bamboo works, cane works, wood works, potteries and blacksmiths. 

Main hats and bazars Notable hats are Taincchari and Alikadam Sadar. 

Main exports Banana, bamboo, ginger, Turmeric, vegetables. 

Health centre Upazila heath complex 1.