Chakaria Upazila ( Cox`s Bazar district) with an area of 643.46 sq km, is surrounded by Lohagara,Banshkhali and Lama upazilas on the north,Cox`sbazar and Ramu upazilas on the south, Lama and Naikhoingchhari upazilas on the east,Maheshkhali and Kutubthia upazila on the west. 

The upazila is surrounded by the Matamuhuri, Bara Matamuhuri, Maheshkhali and Kutubdia Channel. The upazila more often fall victim to cyclone and tidal bore. The devastating cyclone and tidal bore of 29 April 1991 caused serious damage to the upazila with a death toll of 16705 persons.

Chakaria (Town) consists of 9 wards and 22 mahallas with an area of 2.95 sq km. It has a population of 50716; male 52.64%, female 47.36%. Literacy rate among town people is 34.5%. It has three dakbungalows.

Administration Chakaria thana was constituted in 1793 and was turned into an upazila in 1983. It consists of 17 union parishads, one municipality, 64 mouzas and 340 villages.

Archaeological heritage Tomb of Shah Umar, Sat-gumbad Masjid of Fazl Quke at Manikpur (1873), Hasher Dighi, Bir Kamla Dighi.

Historical events During the War of Liberation in 1971, the Pak army killed 13 villagers by gun shot and burnt more than one hundred houses and shops in different places of the upazila.Marks of War of Liberation Shaheed Abdul Hamid memorial monument.

Population 409346; male 51.48%, female 48.52%; Muslim 93.4%, Hindu 5.4%, Buddhist 1.02%, Christian 0.18%. Ethnic nationals: Magh, Marma, Moorang and Chakma. 

Religious institutions Mosque 400, temple 99, church 3, pagoda 16, mazar 6.

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 23.15%; male 29.2%, female 17.1%. 

Educational institutions: college 5, government high school 2, non-government high school 37, madrasa 26, government primary school 104, non-government primary school 77. 

Old institutions: Manikpur Burmese Government Primary School (1828), Harbang Government Primary School (1884), Pekua Government Primary School (1918), Chakaria Government High School (1919), Sahrbil Anwarul Ulum Senior Madrasa (1918).Newspapers and periodicals Weekly Chakori, fortnightly Mehdi.

Cultural organisations Club 52, literary organisation 3, women's organisation 22, theatre party 2, playground 50.

Main occupations Agriculture 29.55%, fishing 2.03%, forestry 1.56%, agricultural labourer 24.5%, non-agricultural labourer 6.74%, commerce 14.02%, service 4.96%, transport 1.98%, others 14.66%.

Land use Cultivable land 27142 hectares, fallow land 180 hectares; single crop 27.6%, double crop 61.66%, triple crop 10.74%. Cultivable land under irrigation 79.18%.

Land control Among the peasants, 20% are landless, 24.28% marginal peasant, 28.57% small peasant, 20% intermediate and 7.15% rich; cultivable land per head 0.7 hectare.

Value of land The market value of land of the first grade is about Tk 5000 per 0.01 hectare.

Main crops Paddy, potato, mustard, pepper, maize, sugarcane, wheat, ground nut, betel, tobacco, watermelon, vegetables. Extinct and nearly extinct crops Lentil, vetch, kaun, linseed, onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger.

Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, papaya, pineapple, guava, lemon.

Fisheries, dairies Livestock 23, poultry 34, fishery 1188.

Communication facilities Highway 37.5 km, pucca road 52 km, semi pucca road 190 km, mud road 560 km, embankment road 138 km.

Traditional transport Horse carriage and bullock cart (nearly extinct).

Manufactories Flour mill 2, rice mill 243, saw mill 60, ice factory 33, salt mill 10, printing press 6.

Cottage industries Weaving 330, welding 37, fish preservation centre 85, bamboo work 8320, goldsmith 105, blacksmith 98, potteries 53, wood work 351, tailoring 1250.

Hats, bazars and fairs Hats and bazars are 39, fair 1, noted of which are Rajakhali Alek Shah Bazar, Pekua Hat, Badarkhali, Khuta-khali, Magh Bazar, Chakoria Ghor-daur Mela.

Main exports Shrimp, salt, tobacco, ground nut, mustard seed, flour, water melon, timber.

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are CARE, Caritas, Serve, Prism Bangladesh, UDM, Ubinig, Paus, HEED Bangladesh, Brac,Grameen Bank, Proshika,Pratyaya, Pratyasha, Jatiyo Tarun Sangha, Pathikrit, Weska, Gaup, Shed, The Hunger Project, ISDE, DMSDS.

Health centres Upazila health complex 1, satellite clinic 3, family planning centre 7, private hospital 2.