Chandgaon Thana ( Chittagong district) with an area of 31.14 sq km, is surrounded by Hathazari and Raozan upazilas on the north, Karnafully river and Patiya upazila on the south, Boalkhali upazila and Karnafuli river on the east, 

Panchlaish and Kotwali (Chittagong) thanas on the west. Chaktai Khal (canal) is notable.

Administration Chandgaon thana was established in 1978. It consists of six wards and 12 mahallas. 

Historical events from the very beginning of the War of liberation this Thana was affected by civil strife. The declaration of the war of liberation was broadcasted from the Kalurghat Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. In March and April 1971, fierce battle between the Pakistan Army and the Freedom Fighters took place in order to take control of the Kalurghat Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra.

Religious institutions Mosque 144, tomb 6, temple 11, church 1 and pagoda 4. 

Population 219641; male 56.40%, female 43.60%; Muslim 90.09%, Hindu 8.70% and others 1.21%; ethnic nationals: Chakma, Marma and Larma 196 families. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 46.5%; male 51.8% and female 39.3%. 

Educational institutions: college 3, high school 15, madrasa 6 and primary school 10. 

Cultural organisations Club 73, cinema hall 1, playground 5, women's organisation 1. 

Main occupations Wage labourer 2.13%, industry 3.91%, commerce 23.22%, transport 12.26%, construction 6.14%, service 30.68%, house renting 2.4% and others 19.26%.

Main crops Paddy, sugarcane. 

Main fruits Guava, coconut. Manufactories Large and medium manufactories including steel, cement and glass factories. 33. 

Cottage industries Goldsmith 40, blacksmith 30, wood work 40, tailoring 200. 

Hats, bazars and fairs Total number of hats and bazars are 4. Main exports Tin, glass, cement. 

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are Brac, ASA, Proshika and. Health centres 12.