Chhatak Upazila (Sunamganj district) with an area of 434.76 sq km, is surrounded by Dowara Bazar,upazila on the north, Jagganathpur upazila on the south, Company Gange, Sylhet Sadar , and Bishanath upazilas on the east, Sunamganj Sadar upazila on the west. 

Main riverSurma Notable Beels are Chapra, Haluda, Pabijuri, Aoa, Bara Ghagtia and Shasha. 

Chhatak (Town) is now a municipality with an area of 9.24 sq km and population 34498; male 55.77%, female 44.23%. It has 9 wards and 22 mahallas. Literacy rate among the town people is 48.3%. 

Administration Chhatak Police outpost was established in 1908 and it was upgraded to a thana in 1922. The thana was turned into an upazila in 1985. The upazila consists of one municipality, 23 union parishads, 311 mouzas and 530 villages. 

Archaeological heritage and relics Bagbari Tila. Marks of War of Liberation Memorials: Shikha Satera (Seventeen Flames) of Madhavpur and Chhatak Central Memorial Monument. 

Population 273153; male 51.05%, female 48.95%. Muslim 93.08%, Hindu 6.75%, Buddhist, Christian and others 0.17%; ethnic nationals: Manipuri (Visnupria cast) and Khasia. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 24.5%; male 30.4%, female 18.2%. Newspapers and periodicals Suchayan, Prattayan (extinct). Cultural organisations Public library 1, cinema hall 1, theatre group 1.

Main occupations Agriculture 35.49%, fishing 2.97%, agricultural labourer 20.19%, wage labourer 9.14%, commerce 8.09%, service 7.64%, others 16.48%. 

Value of land Market value of first grade arable land is about 9000 per 0.01 hectare. 

Main crops Paddy. Main fruits Orange. Fisheries, dairies, poultries Poultry 25. 

Communication facilities Chhatak is an important riverport. It plays vital role in communicating the vast Haor region of Sunamganj. The upazila has also pucca and mud road and 32 km railways. 

Manufactories Chhatak Cement Factory, Chhatak Pulp and Paper Mill, Concrete and Slipper Plant, etc 

Cottage industries Weaving, goldsmith, blacksmith, tailoring, wood works, etc. 

Mineral resources Natural gas, limestone, stone. 

Hats and bazars and fairs Gobindaganj Bazar and Durbin Shah Mela are notable. 

Main exports Orange, natural gas, cement, limestone, paper and pulp. 

NGO activities Brac, Grameen Bank, , CARE. Health centres Health centre 3.