Daulatpur Thana (Khulna district) with an area of 7.69 sq km, is surrounded by Khan Jahan Ali thana on the north, Khalishpur and Khanjahan Ali thanas on the south, Dighalia upazila and Bhairab river on the east, Khan Jahan Ali thana on the west. 

Daulatpur (Town) consists of 4 wards and 33 mahollas. It has an area of 4.13 sq km. The town has a population of 5325. The literacy rate among the town people is 32.3%. The density of population is 1289 per sq km. 

Administration Daulatpur thana was established in 1917. It consists of 4 wards, 33 mahollas. 

Historical events During the War of Liberation, the Pak army killed 13 innocent people at a place near Badamtola of Shiromoni. 

Marks of War of Liberation Sculpture 1 (Bir Bangali). Religious institutions Mosque 18, Temple 2 and Monastery 1. 

Population 81186; male 55%, female 45%; Muslim 86%, Hindu 11.63%, Christian 1.39%, others 1%. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 60.4%; male 66.4%, female 52.8%. 

Educational institutions: engineering college 1, college 4, secondary school 8, junior school 5, madrasa 2. 

Most noted educational institutions are Daulatpur High School (1874), Daulatpur Art College (1902) and B L University College. 

Cultural organisations Club 6, cinema Hall 1, playground 16. 

Main occupations Agriculture 1.25%, agricultural labourer 1.61%, wage labourer 8.74%, service 33.91%, industry 2.87%, transport 6.21%, construction 2.25%, others 18.51%.

Value of land The market value of the first grade cultivable land is around Tk. 74000 (per 0.01 hectare). 

Main crops Paddy, jute, betel nut, coconut, kachu (esculent root), patol, cucumber, and egg plant. Extinct and nearly extinct Betel leaf, potato, indigo. 

Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, papaya, litchi, papaya, black berry, and coconut. 

Communication facilities Railways 3.2 km; Rail station 2. 

Traditional transport Palanquin and horse carriage (extinct). 

Hats, bazars Total number of hats and bazars are 30. 

Main exports Salt and gur (date palm). 

Health centres Thana Health Complex 1, Family Planning Centre 3, UFHP Health Centre 1.