Itna Upazila ( Kishoreganj district) with an area of 401.94 sq km, is surrounded by Madan and Khaliajuri upazilas on the north, Mithamain and Karimganj upazilas on the south, Ajmirganj and Sullah upazilas on the east, Tarail and Karimganj upazilas on the west. 

Main rivers are Dhanu, Surma, Baulai, Kalni and Baruni. Main beel, Maora, Chapra, Boali, Kaira, Ugli, Sonabandha and Ghora.

Itna (Town) consists of five mouzas. It has an area of 37.72 sq. km and a population of 20216; male 52.40%, female 47.6%. Literacy rate among the town people is 41%. It has one dakbungalow.

Administration Itna thana, now an upazila, was established in 1917. It consists of eight union parishads, 85 mouzas and 117 villages. 

Historical events During the war of liberation the Pakistan Army killed many people of village Boira of Joisindhu Union.

Marks of War of Liberation Mass grave 1.

Population 132948; male 52.14%, female 47.86%; Muslim 80%; Hindu 18%, Buddhist 0.12%, Christian 0.12% and others 1.76%.

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 21.5%; male 22.1%, female 20.7%. 

Educational institutions: college 1, high school 8, madrasa 21, government primary school 44, non-government primary school 20.

Cultural organisations Officer's club 1, youth organisation 1, women's organisation 1, cultural organisation 5, community centre 1.

Main occupations Agriculture 47.96%, agricultural labourer 27.18%, non agricultural labourer 2.92%, commerce 5.44%, fishing 3.96%, service 1.74%, others 10.8%. 

Land use Total cultivable land 45843.79 hectares; single crop 64.06%, double crop 4.15% and treble crop land 31.79%. 

Main crops Paddy, sweet potato, china and ground nut. Extinct or nearly extinct crops Kaun, china. 

Main fruits Mango, banana and black berry. Fisheries, dairies, poultries Poultry 4, fishery 2 and hatchery 12.

Communication facilities Roads: pucca 2 km, mud road 276 km. Traditional transport Palaquin (extinct). 

Hats, bazars and fairs Hats and bazars are 12, most noted are Dhanpur, Jaisindhu, Alongjuri, Rashikura; fairs 3. 

Main exports Paddy, potato, ground nut and fish. 

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are Brac, Concern, RDP and UP. 

Health centres Hospital 1, upazila health complex 1 and family welfare centre 4.