Khalishpur Thana (Khulna district) with an area of 11.47 sq km, is surrounded by daulatpur (Khulna) thana and Dighalia upazila on the north, Sonadangha thana, Dhumuria upazila and Kotwali thana on the south, Rupsha and Dighalia upazilas on the east, Daulatpur thana on the west. 

Main river is Bhairab. 

Administration Khalishpur thana was established in 1986. It consists of 9 union parishads, 39 mouzas. 

Archaeological relics and monuments House of Mahim Das, Khalishpur Sattya Asram. 

Historical events A battle was fought in the Baikali Cinema Hall and Boyra Girl's College area in 1971. Some members of Pak Army were killed in the battle and many Freedom Fighters were martyred. Besides the massacre occurred by the Pak Army in the house of Munshi Siddiqur Rahman and they killed 13 Bangalees ruthlessly. This was popularly known as the 'Tragedy of Munsi House'. 

Marks of War of Liberation Monument 1. 

Population 173255; male 56%; female 44%; Muslim 94.39%, Hindu 3.91%, Buddhist 0.05%, Christian 1.56%, Others 0.076 %. 

Religious institutions Mosque 30, Temple 2, Church 1. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 59.8%; male 65.9%, female 51.7%. 

Educational institutions: college 4, high school 20, lower secondary school 3, madrasa 2, ucef school 1, blind, deaf and dumb school 1. 

Cultural organisations Stadium 1, cinema hall 3, literacy society 1, women's organisation 1, playground 1. 

Main occupations Wage labourer 3.31%, industry 1.97%, commerce 15.57%, transport 7.16%, construction 2.03%, service 53.22%, others 16.74%.

Land control Among the people 46.34 % is own land and 53.66% landless. 

Value of land The market value of the first grade land is Tk.74000 per 0.01 hectare. 

Main crops Paddy, jute, coconut, betel nut, egg plant, patal, vegetables. Extinct and nearly extinct crops Betel nut, betel leaf, potato, indigo (extinct). 

Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, litchi, papaya, black berry, coconut. Poultries 20. Traditional transport Palanquin, horse carriage. These means of transport are extinct of nearly extinct. 

Manufactories Jute mill 5, newsprint mill 1, hardboard mill 1, steel mills 2, telephone exchange 1, cold storage 1. 

Newsprint mill and Khulna hard board mill are noted. Cottage industries Cottage industries 15, pipe factory 1. 

Hats, bazars, and fairs Hats and bazars are 4; mela 3. Main exports Jute and jute products, newsprint paper and hardboard. 

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are ASA,, Proshika, CARE, Concern; BRIDGE; Pisom Bangladesh. 

Health centres Khulna Medical College Hospital (Boyra), UFHP (urban family health) centre 1, family planning centre 9, child hospital 1.