Kotwali Thana (Dhaka district) with an area of 2.07 sq km, is surrounded by Ramna and Motijheel thanas on the north, Buriganga river and Keraniganj upazila on the south, Sutrapur thana on the east, Lalbagh thana on the west. 

Kotwali Thana Area is considered as old Dhaka. Many administrative establishments including Dhaka City Corporation, Police Head Quarters, Bangladesh Fire Service, Lower Court, Judge Court, CMM Court are located in this thana. 

Administration It consists of six wards and 97 mahallas. 

Archaeological heritage and relics Ahsan Manzil (1872), Tara Mosque. 

Population 620450; male 63.21%, female 36.79%; Muslim 88.96%, Hindu 10.78% and others 0.26%.

Religious institutions Mosque 50, temple 10, church 2, tomb 5 and eid gaha 5. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 62.4%; male 65.4% and female 57%. 

Educational institutions: college 4, high school 10, madrasa 8, medical college 2, primary school 15, technical institution 1. 

Noted educational institutions: Jagannath College (1868), Pogose School (1828), Sir Salimullah Medical College, Collegiate School, Armanitola High School, Muslim Government High School. 

Cultural organisations Club 25, public library 2, cinema hall 6, opera party 2, playground 5, stadium 1, theatre group 4, literary society 5, women's organisation 6, museum 1. Noted cultural organisation: Raja Rammohan Roy Library.

Main occupations Industry 2.18%, commerce 49.38%, service 31.2%, construction 1.03%, transport 1.98%, house renting out 2.64%, and others 11.59%. 

Land use Urbanisation 100%; residential 32%, commercial 19%, offices 6%, business centre 38%, common facilities 3.3%, low marshy land 0.5%, fallow land 0.5%, and others 0.7%. 

Land control Land lord 35%% and landless 65%. Value of land The market value of the land of the first grade is 17 lakh Taka per 0.01 hectare. Dairies, poultries Dairy farm 6, poultry 5. 

Communication facilities Noted roads: Armanian Street Line, Islampur Road, Patuatuli Road, Ahsan Ullah Road, Bangsal Road and Nazira Bazar Road, etc.

Traditional transport Palanquin, horse carriage and bullock cart. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct. 

Manufactories Many small engineering workshops including lathe machine and welding. 

Hats, bazars and fairs Total number of hats and bazars are 21, most noted of which are Tanti Bazar, Shankhari Bazar, Babu Bazar, Badamtali, Nayabazar, Alu Bazar, Bangshal Bazar, Mitford Market (biggest medicine market). 

Main exports Fruits, medicine, paddy, cement, iron goods, sanitary and electric goods. 

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are Urban Development Committee. 

Health centres Hospital 2, health centre 5, family planning centre 8.