Mohammadpur Thana (Dhaka district) with an area of 10.62 sq km, is bounded by Mirpur and Kafrul thanas on the north, Hazaribagh thana on the south, Tejgaon and Dhanmondi thanas on the east, Savar upazila on the west. 

Administration Mohammadpur thana consists of five wards, 45 mouzas. Marks of the War of Liberation Buddhijeebi Smriti Soudha near Beribandh. 

Population 290416; male 56.05%, female 43.95%; Muslim 92.87%, Hindu 6.73%, others 0.4%; population density per sq km is 27346. 

Floating population 7.90%, male 8.30%, female 2.63; refugee camp 6, most noted of which is Geneva Camp. 

Religious institutions Mosque 55, temple 3, church 2, eidgah 2 and graveyard 1, most noted of which are Satgumbad Mosque, St. Xaviers Church at Asad Avenue.

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 52.7%; male 56.1% and female 48.7%. 

Educational institutions: college 7, medical college 2, government high school 3, non-government high school 10, government primary school 4, non-government primary school 10, English medium school 10. 

Noted educational institutions: Lalmatia Girls' College, Residential Model School & College, Mohammadpur Government High School, King Faisal High School, St. Joseph School, Green Herald School, Kaderia Taiabia Alia Madrasa, etc. 

Cultural organisations Club 10, cinema hall 2, museum 1, public library 1, gymnasium 1. 

Main occupations Wage labourer 2.95%, industry 1.95%, commerce 22.11%, service 32.91%, construction 3.67%, transport 16.29%, renting out 2.85% and others 17.27%.

Value of land The market value of the land of the first grade is 8 lakh Taka per katha. Extinct or nearly extinct crops Paddy, jute, sugarcane, pulses. 

Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, papaya, litchi, guava and banana. 

Fisheries, dairies and poultries Fishery 5, dairy 35 and poultry 10. 

Traditional transport Palanquin, bullock cart and horse carriage. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct. 

Manufactories Garments industry, glass factory, oil mill, brick factory, ice factory, shoe factory, etc. 

Cottage industries Approximately 100 including goldsmith, tailoring, handicrafts.

Main markets, bazars, shopping centres and fairs Town Hall Market, Mohammadpur New Kancha Bazar, Prabartana, Aarong, etc. 

Main exports Ready made garments and handicrafts. 

NGO activities CARE, BRAC, Gonoshahajya Sangstha, ASA. 

Health centres Government hospital 3, private hospital and clinic 7, NGO operated hospital 1.