Motijheel Thana (Dhaka district) with an area of 4.69 sq km, is surrounded by Khilgaon thana on the north, Sutrapur and Kotwali (Dhaka) thanas on the south, Sabujbagh thana on the east and Ramna thana on the west. 

Motijheel thana area Motijheel Thana is considered as the commercial area of Dhaka city. 

The head offices of many financial institutions including Bangladesh Bank, Sonali Bank,Pubali Bank, Agrani Bank,Janata Bank,Rupali Bank, Islami Bank, Eastern Bank , Basic Bank, Jiban Bima Corporation, Sadharan Bima Corporation, American Life Insurance Co.,Dhaka Stock Exchange, , etc are located in Motijheel area. Besides, Power and Water Development Board, Rajuk and many government and private offices are located here. 

Administration Motijheel thana was established in 1976. The thana consists of five wards and 35 mahallas. Archaeological heritage and relics Tombs of Pir Jangi (R) near Kamlapur Railway Station and Shah Amir Ali Bagdadi at North Shahjahanpur.

Historical events During the War of Liberation in 1971 the Pak army conducted extensive mass killing and plunder in the area. The Pak army fell into trouble when the Freedom Fighters destroyed the power-house of the AGB Colony near Kamlapur Railway Station in mind July in 1971. 

Marks of the War of Liberation Mass grave: South Kamlapur; memorial statue: Balaka (Kamlapur Railway Station), Shapla Chattar (in front of Bangladesh Bank). 

Population 223676; male 59.45%, female 40.55%; Muslim 95.57%, Hindu 3.96%, Christian 0.26%, ethnic nationals (Chakma) 0.10% and others 0.11%.

Religious institutions Mosque 57, temple 6, tomb 2, eidgah 27, graveyard 9. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 70.9%; male 77.3% and female 61.2%. 

Educational institutions: college 8, high school 8, madrasa 3, government primary school 10, non-government primary school 49. 

Noted educational institution: Dhaka Notre Dame College (1949). 

Cultural organisations Club 6, literary society 1, cinema hall 4, theatre stage 1, stadium 1 (Number 1 National Stadium, Bangabandhu Stadium), playground 6, community centre 9. 

Locally published newspapers and periodicals The Daily Observer, The Financial Express, Daily Arthaniti (Economy), Daily Banglar Bani, Daily Bartaman Bangla, Daily Rupali, Daily Jugantar, Daily Samabesh and weekly Cinema.

Main occupations Agriculture 1.15%, commerce 23.91%, service 51.3%, transport 5.27%, construction 1.19%, house renting out 3.16%, and others 14.02%. 

Land use Residential, commercial and offices 93%, low marshy fallow land 7%. Land control Land owner 57.69% and landless 42.31%. 

Value of land The market value of the land of the first grade is 17 lakh Taka per katha. 

Main crops Vegetables. Extinct or nearly extinct crops Paddy. 

Main fruits Mango, coconut and jackfruit. Dairies, poultries Poultry 13, dairy 3. 

Communication facilities Roads: pucca 7 km, railways 1.2 km.

Traditional transport Palanquin, bullock cart and horse carriage. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct. 

Manufactories Offices of about 25 jute mills and garment industry 27. 

Cottage industries Jute goods, handicrafts and ready made cloths. 

Markets, bazars and fairs Total number of market and shopping centres are 8, residential hotel 21 and restaurant 19; Paush Mela at Kamlapur Playground is notable.

Main exports Ready made garment products. 

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are BRAC, Grameen Bank and ACD. Health centres Family planning centre 2, clinic 11.