Naogaon Sadar Upazila (Naogaon district) with an area of 275.73 sq km, is surrounded by Badalghacchi and Mahadevpur upazilas on the north, Raninagar upazilas on the south,Adamdighi, and Akkelpur upazilas on the east, Mahadevpur and Manda upazilas on the west. 

Main rivers are Little Jamuna and Tulsi Ganga. Noted depressions are the Mansur, Gotia, Chunri and Dighali Beels.

Naogaon (Town) a municipal town, has an area of 37.03 sq km. It consists of 9 wards and 62 mahallas. The town has a population of 123101; male 51.78%, female 48.22%; literacy rate among the town people is 48.5%. It has one dakbungalow and one rest house.

Administration Naogaon thana, now an upazila was established in 1810. It consists of 12 union parishads, 9 wards, 297 mouzas and 214 villages.

Archaeological heritage Dubalhati Rajbari, Balihar Rajbari, Kashimpur Rajbari, Kumaigari three domed Mosque and Balubhara Temple.

Historical events On April 22 1971, the Pakistan army captured 120-125 young boys from Sultanpur, Par Naogaon, Dhopapara, Ukil Para and Hat Naogaon and threw them into the river from the Lord Lytton Bridge after killing. On 23 April 1971, the Pakistan army killed 17 people of village Mohanpur and on 25 April 1971, they raided at Fatehpur Garebari and killed 13 people there.Marks of War of Liberation Liberation sculpture adjunct to Naogaon bridge; mass grave 5 (Boalia, Par Naogaon, Bihari Colony, Malshan, Kanthaltali)

Population 327632; male 51.58%, female 48.42%; Muslim 90%, Hindu 9.13% and others 0.87%; ethnic population: about 4000 belonging to Oraon, Santal, Munda, Mahali, Bansphor and Kurmi groups.

Religious institutions Mosque 312, temple 92, church 2, noted of which Naogaon Ganja Society Mosque, Matherghat Temple, Padari Shaheb Church.

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 34.5%; male 42.32% and female 26.2%. 

Educational institutions: college 7, secondary school 47, madrasa 19, vocational school 1, technical college 1 and training school 1. Naogaon Government University College (1962), Chakla High School (1916), Kritipur High School (1921), Naogaon High School (1884), Raja Harnath High School (1864), Islamia Madrasa (1921), KD High School (1921) are noted.

Newspapers and periodicals Weekly: Nabajug, Nabadiganta, Saptahik Bangabani, Bakachand, Nababarta, Banglar Kantha, Little Magazine, Sangkalon, Tolpar, Protichhabi, Kalbela. 

Cultural ortganisations Press club 1, tennis club 1, public library 1, rural libraries 21, rural club 55, cinema hall 3, theatre stage 3, theatre groups 5, music group 7, stadium 1, playground 82, women's organisation 2.

Main occupations Agriculture 35.36%, fishing 1.47%, agricultural labourer 17.32%, wage labourer 3.83%, industry 1.47%, hawkar 3.61%, commerce 15.77%, transport 2.54%, service 8.84%, others 9.79%.

Land use Single crop 41%, double crop 47% and treble crop land 12%. Land under irrigation is 85%.

Land control Among the peasants 39% are landless, 34% marginal, 18% medium and 9% rich; per capita land ownership 0.08 hectare. 

Value of land The market value of land of firs grade is Tk. 7000 per 0.01 hectare.

Main crops Paddy, wheat, potato, brinjal, patal, onions, garlic and pulses.Extinct or nearly extinct crops Opium, aus paddy, sesame, linseed and kaun.

Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, litchi, papaya.Dairies, poultries and fisheries Dairy 12, poultry 27, fishery 36.

Communication facilities Roads: pucca 185 km, semi pucca 37 km and mud road 324 km. 

Traditional transport Bullock cart, horse carriage and Palanquin. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct.Manufactories Automatic rice mill 1, cold storage 5. 

Cottage industries Madur manufactories 87, weaving 38, bamboo work 319, goldsmith 88, potteries 112, blacksmith 68, tailoring 522, welding 69.

Hats, bazars and fairs Total number of hats and bazars is 19, fairs 3 (Kalitala Rath Mela, Shibpur Lakshmi Mela and Kashimpur Mela).

Important exports Paddy, wheat, potato, oil-seeds and rice. 

NGOs activities Important NGOs operating in the upazila are BRAC. ASA, PROSHIKA, GRAMEEN BANK, CARITAS, 

Heath centres Hospital 1, maternity and child welfare centre 1, union health and family planning centre 13.