Patuakhali Sadar Upazila (Patuakhali district) with an area of 439.51 sq km, is surrounded by Bakerganj upazila on the north, Galachipa, Amtali and Barguna Sadar upazilas on the south,Bauphal and Galachipa upazilas on the east, Mirzaganj upazila on the west. 

Main rivers are Burishwar, Galachipa .

Patuakhali. Upazila (Town) consists of 9 wards and 29 mahallas. The area of the town is 5.81 sq km. It has a population of 62439; male 53.68%, female 46.32%. The density of population is 10747 per sq km. The literacy rate among the town people is 61.6%. The town has one dakbungalow. 

Administration Patuakhali Sadar Thana was turned into an upazila in 1984. It consists of 16 union parishads, 146 mouzas and 210 villages. Archaeological heritage Sreerampur Mian-bari Mosque. 

Historical events Patuakhali had been a part of the ancient kingdom of Chardradvipa. Since 16th century AD the Portuguese used to launch raid on the area now constituting the Patuakhali town through the Bharani canal running on the north of the town. The local people used to denote these Portuguese raiders as 'natua' and the canal was thus named as 'natuar khal'. Patuakhali is said to have derived its name from this Natuar khal. 

Marks of War of Liberation Mass grave: inside the old jail compound, at south-western side of the new jail and at Tulatali; Shahid memorial monument in front of the old Town Hall. 

Population 306517; male 50.12%, female 49.88%; Muslim 91.12%, Hindu 8.8%, Christian 0.06%, Buddhist 0.02%; ethnic nationals: Rakhains 0.75% of the total population. 

Religious institutions Mosque 852, temple 159, church 1, Buddhist vihara 10. Notable institutions: Sreerampur Mian-bari Mosque, Masjid-bari Mosque.

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 42.55%; male 50%, female 35.1%. 

Educational institutions: college (government) 2, (non-government) 4, high school (government) 2, high school (non-government) 56, junior high school 17, teacher's training college 2, science and technology university 1, primary training institute 1, polytechnic institute 1, nursing institute 1, vocational training institute 1, madrasa 146, primary school 233, kindergarten 1. 

Noted old institutions: Government Jubilee High School (1887). Newspapers and periodicals (Daily) Rupantar, Tentulia, Ganadabi, Sathi, weekly Payra, fortnightly Metho Barta; (defunct) (weekly) Palliseba (1934), Gram Bangla, Khilafat, Pratinidhi, Janata, Avijatri, (fortnightly) Andhar Manik, Swadesh Darpan, Saikat, Priya Kagaz, monthly Chabuk, Patuakhali Samachar, Ek Mutho Suravi. 

Cultural institutions Club 104, public library 3, women's association 1, theatre group 2, jari party 2, cinema hall 3. 

Main occupations Agriculture 40.98%, fishing 2.47%, commerce 12.75%, hawker 1.95%, service 9.89%, transport 2.27%, agricultural labourer 12.15%, wage labourer 5.05% construction 1.58%, others 10.91%. 

Land use Cultivable land 38500 hectares, fallow land 1805 hectares; single crop 54.11%, double crop 41.36% and triple crop land 4.53%. 

Land control Among the peasants, 45% are landless, 22% small peasant, 30% intermediate, 3% rich; cultivable land per head 0.125 hectare. 

Value of land The market value of the first grade arable land is Tk 4000 per 0.01 hectare. 

Main crops Paddy, lentil, khesari, gram, mug. Extinct and nearly extinct crops Indigo, tobacco, jute, kaun, china, sugarcane.

Main fruits Coconut, betel nut, wood nut, palm. Fisheries, dairies and poultries Fishery 1, livestock 17, poultry 20. 

Communication facilities Roads: pucca and semi pucca 234 km and mud road 1034 km. 

Traditional transport Palanquin and gaina boat (extinct). Manufactories Textile mill 1, jute mill 1. 

Hats, bazars and fairs Hats and bazars are 10, most noted of which is Patuakhali Puran Bazar. 

Main exports Fish, dried fish. 

NGO activities Operationally important NGOs are BRAC, PROSHIKA, ASA, CARITAS, CARE, Anirban, CARE, Adarsha Mahila Sangstha, Palli Seba Sangha. 

Health centre Hospital 4, upazila health complex 1, chest diseases clinic 1, mother and child care centre 1, urban family health centre 1, family planning centre 1, private clinic 6, community clinic (in process) 36.