Sonadanga Thana (Khulna district) with an area of 8.42 sq km, is surrounded by Khalishpur thana on the north,Kotwali thana on the south and east, Dumuria and Batiaghata upazilas on the west. 

Administration Sonadanga thana was established in 1986. It consists of 6 wards and 30 mahallas. 

Marks of War of Liberation Memorial monument at Gollamari. 

Population 128330; male 52.64%, female 47.36%; Muslim 91.05%, Hindu 7.85%, others 1.10% 

Religious institutions Notable religious institutions are Baitun Nur Jame Mosque (New Market), Shivbari Mondir, Baptist church. 

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 60.6%; male 66.4%, female 54%. 

Educational institutions: college 4, medical college 2, high school 11, madrasa 5, technical institution 2. 

Newspapers and periodicals Dainik Anirban, Dainik Tatha, Weekly Samonnay.

Cultural organisations Public library 1, museum 1, cinema hall 3, club 1. 

Main occupations Agriculture 1.05%, agricultural labourer 2.03%, wage labourer 5.27%, commerce 29.5%, hawkar 1.65%, transport 7.18%, construction 3.21%, service 34.87%, others 15.24%. 

Value of land The market value of the first grade agricultural land is around Tk 186000 per 0.01 hectare. 

Main crops Paddy, jute, sesame, mustard, potato, tomato. Extinct and nearly extinct crops Jute, sugarcane, coconut, betel nut, tomato, watermelon. 

Main fruits Mango, black berry, jackfruit, lemon, banana, papaya, coconut, wood apple. 

Traditional transport Boats (taburia, goyna, dingi, buchari, goon, maladi, etc), bullock cart, horse carriage, palanquin. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct. 

Cottage industries Mainly bamboo works and weaving. 

Main hats, bazars, and fairs Nirala Bazar, Gollamari Bazar, Boyra Bazar, New Market, Eastern Plaza. fairs: 3. 

Main exports Handicrafts, paddy. 

NGOs activities Prodipon, NGO Forum for Sanitation, Popular, Ujan Brac , ASA, Proshika.