Sutrapur Thana (Dhaka district) with an area of 3.51 sq km, is surrounded by Motijheel thana on the north, Kerani Ganj upazila on the south, Demra thana on the east, Kotwali thana (Dhaka) on the west. 

Main river is Buriganga. 

Administration It consists of 10 wards, 80 mahallas. 

Archaeological heritage and relics Lalkuthi, Ruplal House, Beauty Body, Shikh's Guruduara, Lal Khan Bibika Rauja (400 years old), Bahadur Shah Park, Lohar Pool, etc. 

Historical events During the War of Liberation the Pak army killed 13 persons on 27 March 1971 at Malakatola. The Freedom Fighters made many successful operations in the area. During the War of Liberation more than 50 freedom fighters including Ahsan Ullah Sarder and Md. Shahjahan were killed by the Pak army. 

Marks of the War of Liberation Mass killing site 1. 

Population 292326; male 57.33%, female 42.67%; Muslim 87.3%; Hindu 12.24% and others 0.46%; population density per sq km is 83284. 

Religious institutions Mosque 50, temple 10, church 3, tomb 10, most noted of which are Sutrapur Jami Mosque, Bibika Rauja Mazar, Gaurio Math Mandir, Ramkrishna Mission and Baptist Church.

Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 58.9%; male 61.1% and female 56%. 

Educational institutions: college 7, medical college 1, school 15, madrasa 10, primary school 18, technical institution 1. 

Noted educational institutions: KL Jubili School & College (1866), Government Muslim High School (1874), St. Gregory High School (1882), Dafrin Hostel (1906), St. Francis Xaviers Girls High School, Suhrawardi College. 

Cultural organisations Club 25, theatre stage 1, theatre group 3, literary society 5, women's organisation 6, public library 2, most noted of which is North Brook Hall. 

Locally published newspapers and periodicals Dainik Ittefaq, Dainik Inquilab, Daily New Nation, Weekly Rabbar and Weekly Purnima. 

Main occupations Industry 1.22%, commerce 40.3%, service 34.62%, construction 1.57%, transport 6%, house renting out 1.96%, others 14.33%. Land use Residential 32%, office 5%, commercial 18%, market & business centre 37%, public use 5%, low lying marshy land 0.8%, fallow land 0.9%, others 1.3%.

Value of land The market value of the land of the first grade is 12 lakh Taka per katha. Fisheries, dairies and poultries Dairy 8 and poultry 5. 

Traditional transport Palanquin, bullock cart and horse carriage. These means of transport are extinct. 

Manufactories Small engineering workshop, welding, etc. Cottage industries Goldsmith 20, tailoring 350 and wood work 250.

Markets, bazars, shopping centres and fairs Markets and shopping centres are 12, most noted of which are Kaptan Bazar, Sutrapur, Shyambazar, Lakkhi Bazar, Bangla Bazar Book Market, Thatari Bazar; fair 2. 

Main exports Book. NGO activities Urban Development Committee. 

Health centres Hospital and clinic 5, family planning centre 11.