Uttara Thana (Dhaka district) with an area of 36.91 sq km, is surrounded by Gazipur Sadar upazila on the north, Pallabi, Cantonment and Badda thanas on the south,Rupganj upazila on the east and Savar upazila on the west. 

Uttara Thana area Uttara thana is named after Uttara Model Town (residential). 

There are many government and private institutions and organisations including two private universities, one women's medical college in the area. 

Administration Uttara thana was established in 1988. It consists of 2 union parishads, 19 mouzas, 54 villages. 

Archaeological heritage and relics Tomb of Hazrat Kabir Shah.

Marks of the War of Liberation A mass grave at a place adjacent to the railway. 

Population 108077; male 54.41%, female 45.59%; Muslim 96.1%, Hindu 3.32%, Christian 0.49% and others 0.09%; population density per sq km is 2928. 

Religious institutions Mosque 111, temple 3. Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 61%; male 67.3%, female 53.1%. 

Educational institutions: private university 2, college 6, women's medical college 1, law college 1, high school 18, madrasa 11. 

Cultural organisations Club 29, theatre stage 1, community centre 7, music academy 1, playground 3.

Main occupations Agriculture 9.77%, agricultural labourer 3.62%, wage labourer 3.71%, industry 1.13%, commerce 19.62%, service 38.52%, construction 3.3%, transport 4.43%, renting out 1.48% and others 14.42%. Land use Urbanization 100%. 

Residential, commercial, business, educational, office, etc 81%, and low lying marshy land 19%. 

Value of land The market value of the land of the first grade is 8 lakh Taka per katha.

Main crops Paddy, vegetables. Extinct or nearly extinct crops Aus paddy, jute, wheat and oil seeds. 

Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, black berry, coconut, banana. 

Fisheries, dairies and poultries Dairy 57, fishery 13 and poultry farm 27. 

Communication facilities Roads: pucca 158 km, mud road 45 km; railways 5 km; airport1 (Zia International Air Port); noted roads Rabindra Sarani, Jasimuddin Sarani and Sonargaon Sarani.

Traditional transport Palanquin (extinct), bullock cart and horse carriage (nearly extinct), boat. 

Manufactories Textile mill 1, garments industry 27. 

Cottage industries Goldsmith, bamboo and cane work, handicraft, tailoring, wood work, etc. 

Hats, bazars, shopping centres and fairs Market and shopping centre 12; fair 1 (Baishakhi Mela at DIT playground). 

Main exports Paddy, chicken, vegetables and ready made garments. 

NGO activity BRAC 

Health centres Health complex 4, private hospital 3, clinic 6 and family planning centre 12.