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It may sound funny but it is true that each and every one of us is an destitute!


In brief; people who are less cared for, who have no money to lead a proper life, people having no land, job or shelter, even people who in vain aspire for power can be defined as destitute.

In practical life we believe that only penniless people are destitute!

But in fact we all are destitute in our respective terms! 

Here it is strongly recommend neither to let go a single farthing to the destitute nor to receive donation as begger . Begging makes a man weaker to weakest.

Then what should we do? We should do something innovative like entrepreneurship, we can establish such an income generating project or industry where destitute would work and maintain the project and after acquiring the profit they would return the project value to the original entrepreneur making themselves strong out of nothing. In this world nothing is free, and result of free gain is negative in all respect.

But in real life to some extent there is no alternative of cash donation.

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