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Few Medical Association of Bangladesh

  Bangladesh Association of Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracie Surgeons bacvts.org  
  Association of Urological Surgeons of Bangladesh www.bausbd.org/  
  Bangladesh Aushad Shilpa Samity www.bapibd.com  
  Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation www.bbf-bd.org  
  Bangladesh Cardiac Society www.bcsbd.net  
  Bangladesh Medical Association ( BMA ) www.bma.org.bd  
  Bangladesh Orthopedic Society ( BOS ) www.bdorth.org  
  Bangladesh Pediatric Association ( BPA ) www.bpabd.org  
  Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) www.bpa-bd.org  
  Bangladesh Physiotherapy Society (BPS) www.bpsbp.org  
  Bangladesh Renal Association Bangladesh www.kampsbd.org  
  Bangladesh Society of Medical Microbiologists (BSMM www.bjmm.org.bd  
  Bangladesh Society of Pathologists (BSP) www.bspbd.org  
  Bangladesh Diabetic Association of Bangladesh www.dab-bd.org  
  Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB) www.ogsb.org  
  Ophthalmological Society of Bangladesh (OSB ) www.osbbd.com  
  Society of Neurologists of Bangladesh www.snb-bd.org  
  Society of Surgeons of Bangladesh www.sosbd.org  
  The Chest & Heart Association of Bangladesh www.chestheart.org  
  The Liver Foundation of Bangladesh www.liver.org.bd  
  World Association of Perinatal Medicine (WAPM) www.wapm.info